Who offers business insurance?

Our Top Picks · State Farm. While Allianz may be best known for insuring large global companies, small businesses can also take advantage of its insight into the insurance industry. You probably know Allstate for its auto and home insurance, but the company also sells business insurance with an excellent complaint history. An Allstate agent can help you select the right coverage for your particular business.

Acuity works through local agents to provide insurance to a wide variety of businesses, from hotels to auto repair shops, retailers and restaurants. The CNA has an excellent record of complaints. With more than 300 types of coverage available at CNA, you'll have plenty of options to find the right business insurance. As one of the largest commercial insurance companies on our list, Travelers also has very few complaints about its business insurance.

Its wide range of commercial insurance solutions are available through independent agents. CNA offers the best insurance for businesses online, offering insurance solutions against cyber risks. If your company processes personal or financial information or may be at risk of data breaches or online attacks, CNA offers comprehensive cyber liability policies at the best prices. We like the CNA because it offers three insurance options against cyber risks, as well as other specialized insurance products not found in other providers.

Similarly, commercial auto insurance does not provide coverage when a commercial vehicle is used for non-commercial purposes at the time of an accident. The company offers other types of commercial insurance, such as commercial cars, cyber liability, bonds and workers' compensation, although prices vary by industry. Most policies, especially commercial properties, also don't protect business owners from losses caused by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes, unless special coverage is added to protect against these events. You should research local requirements for the type of business you operate to determine what coverage, if any, is legally required.

After all, not having the right types of insurance can be the same as not having it at all, leaving businesses unprotected against many types of losses. Next Insurance is a fully online provider dedicated to offering low-cost, high-protection coverage for small businesses. The goal of this company is to simplify your search by showing you the best business insurance policies for your situation and streamlining the registration process. In addition to these basic types of business insurance, there are many other types of coverage that business owners may need to cover risks, such as cyber insurance or employers' professional liability insurance, which are specific to the company or its industry.

Finally, we've identified competitive selling points, such as excellent customer service and niche industry offerings that make every business insurance company unique. General liability insurance, commercial property insurance and business interruption insurance are included in a BOP. If you have an accident while driving the vehicle for business reasons, your personal insurance policy will not cover the claim. Before committing to a particular policy, business owners should weigh the costs of the various policies and the financial protection offered with the potential risks associated with their type of business.

Not only does Next Insurance offer the most common types of insurance for small businesses, but it also offers industry-specific insurance products in each state, instant downloads of digital insurance certificates (COIs), and more to make the process easier than ever. In addition, State Farm agents are business owners, so they understand the needs of other small business owners. .

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