Which would not be covered under a business auto policy?

Your auto policy will not cover the benefits you are required to pay under a workers' compensation, disability, or unemployment compensation law. These benefits must be provided by a workers' compensation policy, a disability policy, or a government program. If you own, lease, rent, or use vehicles for business, you must have minimum liability coverage. It's mandatory in most states for own cars.

In addition, companies that transport goods or people across state lines are required by federal law to have it. For larger commercial vehicles, you may need a commercial truck insurance policy. Notable exceptions are domestic workers who are not covered by workers' compensation benefits, as well as when your company assumes liability under a contract. Almost every state requires commercial auto insurance for companies that have vehicles titled in the company's name and for employees who drive to workplaces.

There are many factors to consider when operating your own business, including the importance of having property insurance. This includes employees who use their own cars to run work-related errands or rent cars for business trips. They'll take time to understand business operations and vehicle usage so they can find optimal coverage at a fair price. These coverages are available for cars you own and may be available for cars you rent or lease or for cars you don't own (cars used in your business and that you don't own, rent or lease).

Commercial auto liability insurance protects your business if you or one of your employees causes injury or harm to another person while driving and is considered to be at fault for the accident. Intentional damage, damage caused by pollutants, and injuries covered by workers' compensation are just a few of the notable exceptions to most commercial auto liability insurance plans. It's important to know that a personal auto insurance policy generally doesn't cover the vehicles that are used in the operation of your business. Insurers view business drivers as greater risks because they are on the road more often than other motorists.

The commercial auto policy provides physical injury coverage for the vehicles you own, lease, rent or use in your company and liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused to others by the use of insured commercial vehicles. In the event of a car accident, commercial auto liability insurance can protect you from the consequences of a devastating financial lawsuit. While other insurance policies cover many exclusions, there are some hazards that are too risky for insurers to cover. Commercial auto insurance protects your company from the costs of accidents on vehicles that are owned by your company.

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